Create a classic, modern or artistically designed driveway with strong and sensible concrete pavers

Driveways start with the prep work! Ensuring that your driveway will take the daily strain of vehicles traveling on it is serious work. We understand the requirements needed to build a sturdy foundation. We also consider drainage at the beginning of every project and ensure that we make the best recommendations to every client and that any slope issues are addressed before anything else is done.

Choosing the product that’s right for you and your specific needs is an important decision. Driveways are subject to a lot of use and abuse by vehicles, people, equipment, and chemicals. Interlocking pavers are designed to outperform other paving surfaces such as asphalt, poured concrete, and stamped concrete. Remember that individual pavers can be replaced if stained much easier than an entire concrete driveway!

Choosing a material that is rated for the vehicular traffic you expect and choosing a pattern to lay your pavers in to optimize friction, hide normal wear and tear, and providing optimal drainage solutions are all part of what we do with every single client.

Personalize your driveway by adding a border, accent, or custom design! Pavers are ideal for creating these types of special accents that make your outdoor hardscaped spaces personal and truly unique to your taste.

If a large portion of your lot is made up of hard surfaces, or if your home is subject to periodic flooding or has poor drainage, permeable pavers are an option to help divert water back into the ground. Most permeable pavers look just like regular interlocking pavers so you don’t have to compromise on style! Specialized site preparation and installation techniques are required to get the job done right and to ensure maximum drainage. Many cities are starting to require certain percentages of your property to be permeable surfaces. If this is the case, permeable pavers may be just the ticket!